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Authentic Brazillian BBQ Grills and Accessories

Churrasco is the perfect accessory for grill masters everywhere who want to add that “Latin Sizzle”. Our grill tops fit easily onto any size of existing backyard BBQ. It breaks down easily for storage and transportation. We also sell the traditional Churrasco skewers, tongs, knives, plataformas, and skewer holders.

You have come to the Churrasco Shop because you love Brazilian BBQ. You will see below a list of all of our authentic Brazilian BBQ product and accessories. We offer free shipping if you live in America and replace any product that arrives broken. At Churrasco Shop, we serve all kinds of Churrascaria Restaurants and Caterers. We keep things very simple on the website. If you want one skewer or one hundred we can get you what you need.

Our home grill top can hold three skewers at once and our catering version holds up to six skewers. Our products can turn your home or catered event into a Churrascaria. The Churrasco Shop is dedicated to delivering you the highest quality products at the most affordable price. We are a source for Churrasco restaurants all over the world to get their stainless steal skewers, plataformas, and tongs.

We welcome any questions from you especially if you are a Foodie,Barbecue Junkie, or Commercial Chef looking to expand your repertoire.

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